August 4, 1990 -- Day 6

Dawson City YT

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Malamute in Dawson City A low-level trough crept into town overnight and scrubbed our flight today. The FSS specialist indicated the rain and low clouds were wide-spread about the upper Yukon area. Even though I have approach plates for Northway, I felt it was too risky to attempt flight out of this airport. In the poor visibility it would be all too easy for an unfamiliar pilot to fly right into a mountain.

In spite of the rain Cindy and I walked all over Dawson. Having just read Michener's "Alaska", the museum was of great interest. Everywhere there are reminders of the gold rush history. Just outside of the town is a tall hill with a rather symmetrical rounded shape, known locally as the Dawson Dome. It is the custom of the local people to climb the Dome for a midnight picnic on the night of the summer solstice.

We sat on the hotel porch this evening and watched Saturday night in downtown Dawson -- not too much to see. The sled dogs run up and down the muddy streets. Beat-up muddy pickup trucks come in and park in front of the local bars, many of them with a sled dog in the back. The vehicle of choice is four-wheel drive, mostly trucks. Every other business seems to be a bar. While the people are inside, the dogs have their own Saturday night social whirl through the streets. And over all, the light lingers on and on.

The weather started to improve late this afternoon, so hopefully we can get out tomorrow.

sleeping Malamute

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