August 11, 1990 -- Day 13

Anchorage AK

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Wrecked PBY We went to the Alaska Air Heritage Museum this morning, next to Lake Hood. Dad had found one of his former crew members, Dick Amon, at the reunion. Dick is a lively, outgoing person, and it was extremely interesting to listen to the two of them reminisce. In what can only be described as the boneyard of the museum, Dad and Dick discovered the pitiful remains of a PBY sea plane. They believe this PBY was one they had often flown. After the war, it had been sold to a civilian who wrecked it while trying to land on an extremely small lake. The wreck remained there for many years until the museum was able to fund its retrieval.

This evening the 11th Air Force grand banquet will be held, complete with speeches by all sorts of dignitaries, including the secretary of the Air Force. Tomorrow we will be on the road again, driving down the Kenai peninsula. We elected to drive down the peninsula rather than fly due to the possibility of encountering volcanic ash from the Redoubt Volcano on the west side of the peninsula. Airplane engines are reported to have a strong dislike for this ash!

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