Peyton Leigh

Peyton Leigh recently returned to flight instructing after years spent in the corporate world. Peyton still flies a Falcon 50 but is looking to retire from the turbine world in a few years.

Like many professional pilots, Peyton started his career instructing, then served time as a "freight dog and of course the stint for Shenandoah Airlines. From flying cargo, he moved into the turbine world and has been the chief pilot for a Falcon 50 for a number of years. In 2004 Peyton came to Knowlton Flight Instruction Services (at Anoka) to reinstate his flight instructor certificate and stayed on to serve as a part-time instructor in the C-172. Peyton has more than 19,000 hours of flight time and brings a wealth of experience to the flight school.

Recently, Peyton has turned to writing about some of his more memorable experiences, and it is a pleasure to be able to present them on this website.

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