Pilots of all walks of life,
In all stages of training,
Share their love of the sky

Irene Van Deusen
Commercial Multi-Engine
Diane Brabec
Student Pilot
Lois Van Deen
Private Pilot
Erskine Caperton
Tom Demaree
Multi-Engine Instructor
Dave Tuttle
Penny Brown
Private Pilot
Mike Dick
Certified Flight Instructor
Denis Galbraith
Instrument and Multi-Engine
Tom Schmelzer
Certified Flight Instructor, single and multi-engine
Mike Sculley
Private Pilot
Eric Hansen
Certified Flight Instructor
Jeff Farnam
Student Pilot
Steve Nelson
Commercial, Single and Multi-Engine
Vic Lametti
Multi-Engine and Instrument
Colleen Sampson
Joyce Rhoades
Student Pilot
Ken Partyka
Instrument Flight Instructor
Ross Rotramel
Multi-Engine, Instrument Flight Instructor
Sandra Anderson
Student Pilot
Brian White
Flight Instructor
Ken Bolvin
Working on Flight Instructor rating

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